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The JGPA Experience 

Developing kids through golf 

A Prep School

At JGPA we have always believed in preparatory school. Institutions that provide a higher level of education to prepare students for their lives. JGPA providers a higher quality experience to provide kids with the tools they need for a life in golf, wether competitive or recreational. 



"Success in golf depends less on strength of body and more on strength of mind and character"  

- Arnold Palmer 


A Message from Coach Nic

Owner and Founder of the Junior Golf Preparatory Academy

Welcome to JGPA. We exist to provide juniors of various ages and skill levels a great experience through golf. Everything we do is about sharing our passion for golf with the youngest generation of golfers. We believe that golf can provide value to every junior and we strive every day to create environments that make golf fun and educational. It's not just about golf. It's about the community we create around golf and the lives that are changed by being involved in the game. Welcome to our family. 

-Nicolas Otero 

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